Meet the Bru’s

Bertus Fourie

Johann Fourie

Jesse Balsimo

“We believe in minimal interventions in the cellar. Our passion is to produce hand crafted elegant wines with a purity of flavour that reflects a sense of place”

How it started

Winemaker Bertus Fourie and winemaker Johann Fourie became very good friends during harvest 2007 when Johann joined KWV. They shared the love for wine, especially Chardonnay and Pinot noir, and spent hours talking wine, culture and food. Bertus left KWV in 2008, but not before the two winemakers promised each other to live up to the challenge of one day having their own wine…heritage to leave to their children…

Jesse Balsimo during the time worked for a wine importer. Jesse, since spending his honeymoon in South Africa more than a decade ago, fell in love with South African wine and as fate had it, met Bertus at a wine convention where they realised everything they had in common…almost a repetition of Bertus’s days at KWV. The suggestion did not take any convincing – the thoughts, dreams, values and passion resonated so perfectly that it would have been a sin not to give birth to Brew cru.